The Cardboard Challenge

Today, Friday 27th of March, we went to one of the sheds at the showgrounds and an artist called James told us about the cardboard challenge and told us he sometimes makes props for movies and television shows. Then he taught us some things about bridges and we thought of some mythical creatures that we could create into bridges.

After all of that he  gave us three cards with the names of animals, (for example dogs, peacock and koala) and we had to make a creature out of all these animals, for example a dog head, peacock body and koala legs and arms.

After all of that we got to work. But first we had to draw it on a piece of paper and give it to James and he would see if he could make it out of bridge. Then we had to build it with cardboard.

It was pretty hard at first because we couldn’t use any glue or sticky tape for it. We could only use needles or zip ties.

At the end most people finished and everyone loved it, it was really fun.

By Eli and James

This is a photo of the finished creation that we made as a school.  It will be on display at the Festival Centre in Adelaide during the Come Out Festival.

cardboard challenge


Aquatics – Term One 2015

On Friday the 13th of February, the two year 6/7 classes went to aquatics at Middleton. We travelled on a bus. We started with a talk about safety and danger. We then went down to the beach and went into the water. Some of the groups went surfing and some learn how to body board. We swapped half way so everyone had a shot at both things.

The following Friday, the 20th of February, we walked to Horseshoe Bay for our second aquatics session. We went back into the same groups as we had at Middleton. To start with we had another safety talk about water conditions and being safe in the water. After that some groups got to do snorkelling, body boarding, surf lifesaving skills and flags.

The two days were lots of fun and we learnt a lot about water safety and skills. Thank you to all of the instructors who helped us on the days.

By Georgia

Getting out blog up and running for 2015 – better late than never!

We have had some difficulties posting to our class website this year and have finally fixed the issues so we will be posting our updates from the past term over the next week.  Stay tuned!

Learning to code

We have been learning about coding in computing.  We have been using a website called  We have had to learn about giving the computer instructions and it has involved a lot of problem solving.  Sometimes we have got angry because it takes so long to work out how to tell the computer to do what we want it to.

Ben has made a flappy birds game using  Click on this link to play it.


Flynn’s Minecraft movie

Flynn conducted a student lesson last term on using Minecraft. He set the class a task of building a house in the minecraft world. During the holidays Flynn made this movie sharing the top 5 houses made during the lesson. At the end of the movie he has done a ‘fly through’ of most of the houses created during the lesson. Enjoy!

Our days in Murputja

Yesterday the girls got to go out and find gum nuts for making jewelry. Once we found enough nuts the girls sat by the fire and some of the elders and younger people showed us how to make jewelry using hot wires and paint. First we get a sharp wire stick and put it in the fire for a while then we take it out get one of our gum nuts ready and you get the end of the gum nut and you stick the hot wire in it and if the wire is really hot it will make a hole in it quicker but if it’s a little bit hot then it will take longer.

After you have burned holes through the gum nuts you get some sticks and put the gum nuts on the sticks, paint them, let them dry and put them on the string and that’s how I made my necklace


From Tara


Yesterday we had a great day. We went looking for spear wood, we had one of the Anangu Boys helping us look for the best bit of spear wood for our spears. Once we had our spears cut, most of them were pretty bent. We had to then straighten them using fire to heat them up and then straighten them using our hands and knees. The wood was pretty hot so we had put sand in our hands to insulate them so we didn’t burn our hands. Once we had them straight we then had to take the bark of them so they flew straighter. This was a pretty difficult process but we had a fun time doing it. Once we were done we then had a spear throwing competition, throwing a box, being a pretend Malu ( kangaroo) .
Pretty awesome day……


Today we went through kampi and went into the bush on a dirt road. It took about 1 hour to get right in the bush. Once we got everyone off the buses we split up into 5 groups and went digging for witchety grubs. You had to dig under a witchety bush and you look for a thick root and there might be a witchety grub in it. Our group went with an elder named Ginger at first we couldn’t find any but when we got more into the bush we started finding them easier. Ella Simons, Ruby Overall, Brooklyn Kraft and Kelsea Lange went off and found two witchety grubs with only their hands and sticks. Once we got back from the bush we saw that the elderly ladies had started three fires, then we cooked the witchety grubs!! Ruby and me(Kelsea) tried one but we thought they were disgusting, they tasted like egg. It’s made out of poo, protein and water! We also got to try kangaroo tail that was much better than the witchety grubs because it tasted like lamb chops! After that we headed back to Murputja.

That night we did a traditional dance called Inma! We all get painted and then they show us a dance and then we do it with them. The boys get white lines and dots and the girls have fires painted on them. It was really fun and something we will never forget!

By Ruby and Kelsea!

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Murputja Camp 2014

Once again Port Elliot Primary School students are heading up to Murputja Anungu School in the middle of Australia on a 12 day camp. We will be sleeping in swags or tents and traveling over approximately 4200km on the buses. Over the 12 days we will pass the Ipad around so that students can write updates of what we see and do. We hope you enjoy our adventures.

Day One – Port Augusta

So far the camp has been really fun we stayed at Port Augusta shorelines caravan park for one night. It took us five hours to get there and we only had two stops. When we got there we put up our swags and tents, then we went for a walk to see the water tower all of the us kids went up it it was so far up. (DAY 1)

Day two so far is pretty good we all got on the bus at the scheduled time and today it will take us 10 hours to get to Cadney park with four stops, these busses are very uncomfortable but we have lots of games and LOTS of lollies.

So far we have seen a wedge tail eagle and some emus.

From Tara


Ben’s Scratch Lesson

My lesson was to teach the class to program with scratch.

It didn’t turn out like expected but most people were playing with images more than the actual programing, about five or six people did a really good job.

Next time I will encourage the class with more of the programming.


Aidan’s Lesson on Flags


  • When the students listened to me when I was reading about the history of flags and the flag facts.
  • Writing the country names on pop sticks and giving them out was a good idea.
  • In the activity the students made a flag.  They had to draw it themselves.
  • The quiz went well. Students went well.
  • I got a clap at the end.



  • I could have had more ipads to search.
  • A few people were mucking around.
  • During the quiz some students were mucking around.
  • Finished flags could be displayed.
  • I would have liked more time.

Some of the flags

Jamie and Jack’s Stop Motion Lessons

Jack & Jamie’s stop motion

Our lesson was about stop motion everyone enjoyed it and participated in our lesson. We started by showing them two stop motion videos from YouTube as examples to show them what they had to do. Them they got into groups of two – four and chose either Lego or toy cars. Then they started making their own movies.